I'm a freelancer

We Love Freelancers

You’re the emergency services of the creative and technical industry.   When those important deadlines are fast approaching, people ring you (actually they ring us, then we ring you, but hey…).   The thing about freelancing is that you need to deliver every time you go in.   You often need to meet a new team, pick up a new brief, get your head around a new client and answer the brief, first time, every time.

Because of this, you need to be focused on your job in hand. That’s why at The Book we do all we can to take care of the boring admin stuff for you. Take our electronic timesheets for example, it means less paperwork, an easier sign off process, and gives both you and the client an audit trail of recent completed and signed-off timesheets for summary.

We also don’t want invoice chasing to get in the way of your creativity.  So we always pay you at the end of each week and with our E Pay you can view and print your pay advice online. You can also check back on previous payslips so there’s no need to print and file. Easy

So whether you’re a freelancer who’s made a lifestyle choice or you’re looking to freelance while you’re in between jobs, get in touch. We’ll meet up, talk about you and your work and see if we have the right projects for you.