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You're looking for a job - You've come to the right place

Are you looking for a new opportunity to bulk up your trophy cabinet?  Or is it all about bulking up your bank account?  (Or a bit of both?)  Whatever you’re looking for, talk to us.  At The Book we’ve often found that the most talented creatives and developers need to be continually given fresh challenges to bring the best out of them.  And a new job, with new clients, new colleagues and new briefs gives you exactly that.

You probably know this already, but when it comes to getting a job, it’s not just about where you studied or what grades you did or didn’t get.  It’s mainly about your work.  It’s about showcasing the best, most creative or technically brilliant work that you’re most proud of. You can do this in a folio, on a laptop or an iPad, whatever works best in showing potential employers what you can do.

But first things first, send us your CV, or at least a profile that includes your contact details and your work history, and ideally some examples of your best pieces of work. We'll then have a look at it and work out if it's a good match for the briefs we have at the moment. If it is, we'll get in touch and arrange for you to come in, have a brew and chat about your work, and help you make the right career move.     

If you are currently looking for work you could try our job search, or simply send us your CV and we’ll get in touch.