What’s the relevance of Monday evening at 8pm for job seekers? No it’s not your EastEnders fix or Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes – it’s statistically the time when most people look for a job.

According to the wonderful people at Google Analytics, Monday at 8pm and Friday at 3pm are the busiest times of the week on most recruitment websites but specifically ours.  We guess this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. A tough day back in the office on Monday might have just triggered a search for new opportunities. Or a few drinks on Friday lunchtime and a wind down to the weekend might find you trawling sites you otherwise wouldn’t be in work!

And, surprisingly, over 50% of people are accessing recruitment sites via desktop (we thought that’d be pretty low) and mobile is just over 46%. Tablet is 2%. Are people even using tablets any more since mobiles have become so big?

So, as an employer, send your guys home with a positive message on Monday to keep their eyes from wandering and maybe extend those Friday drinks!