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As we celebrate 15 years in business, we’ve been looking back to see how much has changed.

Back in 2004, recruitment wasn’t the way it is today. We currently have an over-crowded market with few specialists, but back in the early ‘noughties’ most of us were true specialists, less reliant on digital algorithms to do our jobs and all about people.

As Network Marketing, we were already well established in marketing recruitment, but we were constantly being asked to find creatives and, dare we say, ‘mac operators’ on freelance and permanent contracts. Interesting, we thought.

But it transpired these creative folk were a little different to the suits we were used to dealing with. To seriously recruit creatives a fresh new brand and approach was necessary. With help from our friend and brand consultant, Martin O’Toole we created the brand then known as The Book - Pure Creative Recruitment.

Martin O’Toole comments, “F**k me, you know you’ve been in this business too long when you’re being asked to comment on a branding project you did 15 years ago… Well if I recall, we (Home) created the brand in the relatively early years of our own business.  We called it The Book for all the obvious reasons relating to creatives still bringing bound portfolios (“books”) to their interviews back in those days — when marketing was a lot more simple and fun.  At the time, Network Marketing were already a well-developed marketing recruitment business, so it made a whole load of sense for them to branch out into creative services.”

This was definitely the right decision at the time. We created a uniquely specialist creative recruitment agency for the industry. And so – The Book, the brand was born.

At the time, a uniquely creative recruitment agency specifically for the creative industry. And it hit the market hard, working with the best agencies across the North of England, recruiting only in its core market.

Digital was growing at a rate, and phrases like front and back end, Java, Ruby and Full Stack were all becoming common place. But how could The Book, a recruitment company focussed on the creative ‘book’ of the candidates adapt to the change?

We returned to our branding aficionado for a full scale review of the business, brand, clients, candidates and market. And so, our strapline ‘Create, Develop, Grow’ was born in 2012.

“As the industry rapidly changed with the emergence of digital marketing, the spectrum of jobs on the market grew too.  Leeds and Manchester became hotbeds for digital talent, and The Book identified a need to tweak their proposition again in order to stay relevant,” says Martin.

Fast forward to today’s market which continues to change and technology moves on.  Initially we’d been tasked with finding graphic designers and art directors yet now we’re being asked to fill much more technical roles such as UX, UI, Magento developers and Information Architects.

Yet we’re still true to our roots of recruiting the best and we’ll continue to do that.  One outcome of this change is that the gap between marketing and creative is closing and to reflect this we’ve taken the step of aligning The Book brand more closely with our parent business, Network Marketing.

Our director, Julie Storey, says, “We seem to have come full circle – initially the worlds of marketing and creative were divided (and never the twain shall meet) but more and more these days we’re seeing candidates’ skills overlapping. This is great as The Book and Network Marketing are now frequently sharing candidates with each other to fill roles and by up-skilling and improving knowledge across all our teams we’re able to truly take advantage of the digital growth and revolution in the regions. Our brand alignment really demonstrates the change in the market and we’re really excited about the next few years in Leeds and Manchester – and we just love the bright colours!”

“Yes of course I’m going to say it: “here’s to the next chapter”, as The Book continues to strive. They really are a lovely bunch and a well-respected brand in the marketplace,” says Martin.

And so, we take on the next 5 years with a brand that we feel reflects the diverse nature of our clients, their requirements, and the people that will ultimately get the jobs. A bright (and colourful) future for all of us.

Our story continues…