About us

Who we are

Our story’s simple. We’re a recruitment agency that helps people create, develop and grow. Since 2004, we have worked with the best agencies, creatives and developers across the North, helping people into full time, part time and freelance roles in the creative and digital industries.

We're not just a recruitment business, we're a people business. We're all about building relationships and getting to know you so we can find the job or person that's really right. We're definitely not big fans of the bombardment approach where agencies throw loads of people at a role and hope one sticks. That's just not us. We get to know everyone on both sides and then we only send people who truly fit.

Our clients use us because we find them the best talent across the North to fill their jobs. Candidates work with us because we provide exciting opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise know about and offer friendly and helpful guidance at every stage of the process.

Our timeline: